Community Programs

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 Due to COVID-19 and for the public's safety, GFD will not be accepting any requests for events of any type, until July 1st. GFD will not be holding any classes, events, smoke alarm requests, etc. until after July 1st.

Educational Programs Offered

All Community Education program requests must be submitted in writing via the Public Education Request Form. Due to firefighters working a rotating schedule, we require a 21 day notice prior to your event. Required departmental training makes various dates unavailable, but we will offer you alternative dates when possible.

Apparatus Displays

Fire Engine Display - Fire engines are available to attend community-wide, health-focused events. At these events, firefighters show fire apparatus, offer free smoke alarm installation sign up, and hand out appropriate fire and life safety materials.

Community Events

Career Fair - Members of the Greensboro Fire Department Recruitment Team are available to set up an informational booth at career fairs. Firefighters will speak about educational and training requirements, as well as provide information about the application process.

Health Fair/Festival Information Tent - The Fire and Life Safety Educator/Division is available to set up an informational booth at health fairs or street festivals. We request, for evenings and weekend events, that there be an estimated expected attendance of at least 500 people. (If your event expects less than 500 in attendance, you may want to consider Fire Engine Display.)  The Educator will speak to interested citizens/attendees in reference to safety issues and answer any questions posed. They will also offer sign-ups for Smoke Alarms, as well as offer informational handouts and items. Interactive safety games and activities may also be utilized for events with children. Please give detailed information about your event in the comments section of the request form so that we can adequately prepare for your audience. This choice may be coupled with Fire Truck Display or Education Express. Set-up fees must be waived for fire department participation.

Station Tours - Tours may be scheduled with a beginning time of no earlier than 9 am on Mondays through Saturdays. Firefighters will put on turnout gear while a speaker discusses each item and its safety aspects. Attendees may sit in the apparatus, but must be supervised by an adult.

Parade Participation - The Greensboro Fire Department is available to participate in community-sponsored parades upon request. You may request a Fire Engine, and/or the Education Express. Please specify in the comments section of the request form. Participation fees must be waived for fire engine participation.

Classes Offered

Daycare Training Class - This class addresses the NC mandated training for daycare facility employees. Attendees receive a certificate of completion and one continuing education credit. The class is offered in a choice of two locations: at the Greensboro Fire Department Training Facility for daycare facilities with staff attendance of 14 or less (offered quarterly), or at your daycare site with a minimum of 15 attendees present (can be booked for a day that is convenient for you and your staff).

Fire Extinguisher Class - Fire extinguisher instruction classes are available for area businesses or groups such as civic groups, HOAs, Garden Clubs, etc. with a minimum attendance of 15 people. These classes are available Mondays through Fridays beginning no earlier than 9am. Classes consist of a short, five-minute DVD and Q&A session, followed by hands-on instruction outside. Class length is determined by the number of participants. Businesses are responsible for providing a meeting room, DVD player and TV, and fire extinguishers. This class may be coupled with Code Compliance Class, Industrial Fire Safety, Assisted Living Staff Training, Day Care Staff Training, Senior Fall & Fire Prevention, or General Home Fire Safety.

My Friend the Firefighter (Pre-K through 2nd grade) - These classes are available for daycares, preschools, and elementary schools within the City of Greensboro and are appropriate for all ages. The children will be talked through the process of the firefighter putting on their turnout gear while discussing what purpose each piece serves .They will also handout appropriate educational materials. This class can be coupled with a Fire Engine Display.

General Home Fire Safety Class (Age 18+) - Often civic groups, churches, HOAs or Garden Clubs have gatherings for which they need public speakers. The Fire Educator can address a variety of fire and life safety topics for the home and will provide appropriate handouts to the group. This class may be coupled with Fire Extinguisher Training (see listing above for specific prerequisites.)

Seniors Fire & Fall Prevention Class (Age 55+) - This is a fire and fall prevention program for older adults centered around 16 key safety messages – eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention, and is taught by the Fire and Life Safety Educator. Should this class be taught within an elder care facility, the Educator will also share with the residents what to expect in the event of a fire and what is expected of them. Please advise any specifics within the comments section of the request form. This class may be coupled with Fire Extinguisher Training (see listing above for specific prerequisites.)

Assisted Living Staff Training (Ages 18+) – This training is for employees of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and any facility of the like. The Educator will teach staff what is expected of them should there be an emergency, as well as recognition of issues, prevention, and what we are looking for during inspection time. This class may be coupled with Fire Extinguisher Training (see listing above for specific prerequisites.)

Code Compliance Class – This class is taught to staff and personnel of any business who wishes to be better prepared for emergencies as well as fire inspection time. Your employees will learn what to look for throughout the facility on a day-to-day basis in order to remain code compliant. This class may be coupled with Fire Extinguisher Training (see listing above for specific prerequisites.)

Industrial Fire Safety – This class is taught to staff and personnel of any industry within the city in order to better prepare them for prevention of safety issues as well as how to handle an emergencies. This class may be coupled with Fire Extinguisher Training (see listing above for specific prerequisites.)

Combination Classes (see explanation of individual classes above.) – Please note that combination classes should be scheduled with a 2 hour time allowance to cover both trainings.

  • General Home Safety Class & Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Day Care Training Class & Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Seniors Fire & Fall Prevention Class & Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Assisted Living Staff Training & Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Code Compliance Class & Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Health Fair/Festival Information Tent & Fire Engine Display

Services Offered

Elderlinks (Age 55+) - Elderlinks is an awareness program sponsored by Senior Resources of Guilford. If fire department personnel are tending to an elderly resident and see needs such as medical issues, nutritional problems, visitation needs, or general maintenance of their residence, referrals can be made to United Services for Older Adults for assistance in these and other areas.

Fire Drill - This service is offered for any entity within the city limits who may need guidance or critiquing of their Evacuation Plan. We schedule the crew from the fire station nearest your facility to come out and visit, offer a walk-thru with your representative(s), and offer any suggestions for your fire drill in order to create a safer atmosphere for all occupants. This allows the occupants/staff of your facility to get acquainted with the firefighters as well as offers the ability for our station crew to get acquainted with your facility in case of an emergency. This choice may be coupled with many of our other classes.

Ride-Along Program (Age 18+) - You are allowed to ride with a fire company to see first-hand what it's like to be a firefighter. During that time, you would stay at a station and see what life at the station entails. If an emergency call comes in, you have the opportunity to jump on the truck with the fire company and ride the call. Riders are not allowed to participate or interfere in any way with the duties of the fire company. Interested residents should visit the fire station of their choice and speak with the captain to schedule a date at least two weeks in advance, fill out an application that will be approved/disapproved by the Greensboro Police Department, and sign a waiver releasing the department and the City of any liability. 

Safe at Home Check – Firefighters or members of the Fire & Life Safety Division will visit your home and perform a "walk-through" with you, pointing out potential fire hazards and making suggestions on how to correct these hazards.  To request this service please call 336-373-2576 and provide your name, address and phone number.  Or you may complete the Public Education Request form by selecting “Safe at Home Check” under “Services Offered” and providing the same contact information. 

Signal 3 - Signal 3 is a program offered to residents within the Greensboro city limits that identifies families who may need extra care during emergencies.  Simply put, the Signal 3 program lets firefighters “know before they go.”  To participate in the program, simply call 336-373-2576 and provide your name, address and phone number. Or you may complete the Public Education Request form by selecting “Signal 3” under “Services Offered” and providing the same contact information.  Your neighborhood fire station will then contact you to schedule an appointment for a home visit.  During this visit, firefighters will ask about your family's special needs, such as if there is an elderly resident or someone confined to a wheelchair or if oxygen tanks are currently in your home.  Firefighters make a diagram of your residence with identifying notations. This documentation is kept on file with the fire department and Guilford Metro 9-1-1. In the event of a medical or fire emergency, firefighters are prompted with this information before they arrive, which allows them to assist you more quickly.

Smoke Alarm and/or Battery Installation - Please provide your name, address and phone number by either calling 336-373-2576, after your request is received. Firefighters from your closest neighborhood fire station will contact you to schedule a time for installation.  Smoke alarm and/or battery installation is provided free of charge.  Firefighters will install a maximum of two alarms per floor.  Batteries will be replaced as needed.  We are not able to assist with cathedral ceilings, but will install a back-up alarm in a suitable location.