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Juvenile Firesetter/Arson Control & Prevention Program

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Guilford County Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention Program (GCJFIP)

GCJFIP is designed to prevent future juvenile fire setting by assessing several aspects of a juvenile’s life, including mental health, behavioral patterns, family life, and fire setting tendencies. The goal is to minimize and prevent personal injury and property damage caused by children using fire.

The program provides fire prevention education to youth and their parents or guardians so everyone gains a better understanding of fire and its associated dangers.

The Greensboro Fire Department believes it is vital that everyone learn the truth about fires and how to remain safe.


Does your child have a possible problem with fire? These are the signs to look for:

• Missing lighters or matches
• Burnt matches lying around
• Scorch marks on furniture, under beds, on clothes or toys
• Burnt items around the exterior of the home
• Deliberate efforts to collect fire materials
• Interest in or daydreaming about fire
• Failure to get help extinguishing a fire
• Closeness in proximity to fires, first to report fires

If you have experienced any of the above with your child, contact us:

Guilford County Fire Marshal’s Office
Chief Chad Garrett
(336) 641-7565
1002 Meadowood St.
Greensboro, NC 27409

Greensboro Fire Marshal’s Office 
Deputy Fire Marshal Chris Wray
(336) 373-2177
1512 N. Church St. 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Voluntary Admission

Please contact the above, who may recommend an assessment to get a better feel of your child’s risk level. The assessment takes 20-30 minutes to complete and requires that both you and your child attend. You will then be able to schedule a time for you and your child to participate in the educational piece of the program.

Required Admission

If your child is connected to a fire that is investigated by either the Guilford County or Greensboro Fire Marshal’s Offices, the Division of Juvenile Justice will review the case. It will then be assigned to an intake Court Counselor and a meeting will be scheduled with both you and your child to decide if the case should be sent to the court or to GCJFIP. If the latter, you will both be referred to GCJFIP for assessment and education.