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Knowledge of computer operations sufficient to enter, retrieve and manipulate data (indicate this on application).

Experience working with various Microsoft software.

Must type quickly and accurately on computer keyboard.

Proof of typing speed of 35 words per minute corrected or better is required with application submission – no exceptions. Applications without a typing test will not be processed. Typing tests can be conducted at your local job service agency or at the Employment Security Commission Office at 2005-B S. Elm-Eugene St. at no cost Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 am to 12 noon and from 2-3 pm. Applicants will be allowed one retake on the test. If you have taken the test within the last 180 days, your results remain valid. No results older than 180 days will be used as part of the recruitment process; you must retake the test.

Must have excellent hearing in both ears, clear speech, and effective verbal skills.

Must have good customer service skills.

Must be a high school/GED graduate (must submit a copy of high school diploma or GED or a copy of a higher education diploma).

Must be 18+ years of age.

Must be a US citizen.

Must be able to work in a confined space, sitting at a computer terminal using state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment.

Applicants can not have a felony conviction, two or more Class B Misdemeanor convictions ever, or apply for this position within ten years of receiving a single Class B Misdemeanor conviction.

Must pass preliminary screening that tests error recognition, information identification, categorizing information and information recall.

Must pass a panel interview.

Must pass criminal background investigation, psychological screening, drug screening and medical evaluation by a licensed physician.

Applicants must participate in eight hours of onsite observation scheduled at the applicant’s convenience, after the applicant has passed preliminary screening test.

After selection, the candidate must submit to fingerprinting.