Phone System

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All 9-1-1 calls placed from within Greensboro, the Town of Gibsonville, and other areas of Guilford County (except within the City of High Point) are delivered to Guilford Metro 9-1-1 PSAP via an 'Enhanced 911 System.'  'Enhanced 9-1-1' means that not only is the address/location and phone number of the caller displayed for the 9-1-1 call taker, but the call is 'selectively routed' based on the physical location of the caller at the time the call is made (to ensure that the call reaches the correct 9-1-1 center).

In addition, Guilford Metro 9-1-1 can receive and plot the latitude and longitude of a cell phone caller's location, if the cell phone caller is in an area where the phone can receive location data from its network.

When calls require response from an agency outside Guilford Metro 9-1-1’s service area, the telecommunicator can use a pre-programmed forwarding of the call to other 9-1-1 centers across North Carolina. In case of a misrouted 9-1-1 call or in times of disaster, the system has the ability to reroute 9-1-1 callers to other 9-1-1 centers in North Carolina.

In addition, the 9-1-1 phone equipment can detect -- and the 9-1-1 call taker can respond to -- calls from residents using a TTY device, either in Baudot or the ASCII format. Using this technology, a 9-1-1 telecommunicator can type any question or message to the caller, and the caller‘s responses are displayed on screen for the telecommunicator to read.