Public Safety Radio System

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Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Team operates a full-service, customer owned and maintained (COAM) wireless infrastructure which includes subscriber equipment.

The Wireless voice platform is a Motorola ASTRO 25 IP Simulcast Subsystem operating on the 7.15 software platform, consisting one Prime Site and six Simulcast Sites with 28 channels, in the 800 MHz Public Safety Spectrum that supports approximately 7,500 subscriber radios and approximately 10,000 roamer radios. The system currently processes approximately 1.4 million push-to-talk requests per month and continually maintains availability above 99.99 percent.

While using the SmartX technology to link the 4.1 sites to the P25 Master site, Technical Services has installed 14 (out of 28) P25 channels at our current six sites. Seven of these P25 channels are up and running on the system. Migration plans are in place to add three additional tower sites and convert the remaining 14 channels to P25 over the next three years.

Technical Services is focused on enhancing interoperability communications among the different agencies in our region, while improving and enlarging their coverage area as they move forward in the P25 migration process and continue to bring new customers into their Regional Network. Currently Technical Services has a regional partnership with the City of High Point and the City of Burlington that supports their 911 centers’ radio infrastructure and their radio subscriber services.

The team strives to provide excellent customer service by producing professional results in our maintenance, repair, and programming of end user subscriber equipment for mobile and portable voice, data, video and emergency warning systems. We also provide consultation and order processing for our customers to help them best meet their needs in communications.

Our customers consist of public safety and public works agencies on the local, state and federal levels throughout the greater Greensboro and Guilford County areas.

Additional services provided by Technical Services include:

~ Communications Console installation/programming and maintenance
~ Mobile/portable radio maintenance and programming
~ Repair parts, new parts, new communications equipment, ordering tracking and storage
~ Adds, deletes and changes to the radio/data network
~ 24-hour on-call emergency service
~ Drive-in mobile/portable repair from 8 am to 5 pm
~ Project Management Services

Technical Services Contact Information
Our hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, for drive-in service and for our Customer Service window. We have one technician on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide emergency repairs for all communications and public safety equipment.

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