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The mission of the Commission on the Status of Women is to improve the quality of life for women in Greensboro.

Commissioners serve three-year terms and work with local, state and national organizations, communities, and businesses on issues that affect the quality of life for women. The commission makes recommendations to City Council for actions it deems necessary to improve and uphold the opportunities for all people regardless of gender. Learn more about applying to boards and commissions

Review the full list of commission members (PDF) (MS Word). All meetings are open to the public, and subcommittee volunteers are needed. 


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Commission on the Status of Women Committees/Programs

CSW Chair: Joyce Jasper-Morant - 336-202-2421
CSW Vice Chair: Katredia Martin - 336-549-7992

Education and Equality
Chair: Roslynn ChouChan - 336-706-4874
Identifies and addresses barriers faced by women to pursue and access educational opportunities to maximize their potential.

Balance and Health
Chair: Catherine Sevier - 336-897-7014
Chair: Joyce Jasper-Morant -
Studies topics affecting women's health and develops programs to educate women on health-related issues.

Women and Violence
Chair: Lalani Reaves - 336-253-0757
Seeks and implements strategies to eliminate domestic violence in Greensboro.

Leadership Through Service 
Chair: Katredia Martin - 336-549-7992
Prepares a leadership roster of women engaged in community service to promote the betterment of women in Greensboro.

Breast Density Awareness Program
The Commission on the Status of Women supported efforts to pass a 2013 law requiring mammography providers notify women about breast density and the limitations of mammography in finding cancer in dense breast tissue, ensuring women receive information about supplementary screenings and tests.