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Education and Outreach Coordinator
Jodie Stanley 

Human Relations

300 W. Washington St.

IAC Meeting 2018
Vice Chair:
Mahamane Soumaila
Vice Chair:
Saroj Patnaik
Kassoum Zibo
Executive Member:
Zaynah Afada

To create a more inclusive Greensboro for members of the international community.

To ensure the voice of the international community is heard, share its successes, and present its concerns to the Human Relations Commission and City Council.

Structure & Purpose:
On February 5, 2008, the Greensboro City Council adopted a resolution that established the International Advisory Committee (IAC) as an advisory committee of the Human Relations Commission (HRC). The committee is comprised of individuals whose national origin is outside the US and who represent Greensboro's diverse international community.

Its purpose is to:

  • Study and report to the HRC and members of City Council on barriers in relation to the members of their specific national origins.
  • Study City policies, procedures, and processes that create barriers or impediments for the city's foreign nationals.
  • Analyze the challenges facing the City and the community, and formulate recommendations to the HRC and City Council.
  • Provide information and education on customs and practices to IAC community representatives to be shared with their respective communities.


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