Landlord-Tenant Dispute Program

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The City's Human Relations Department, Guilford College, and University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Program in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution have formed a partnership to help landlords and tenants iron out their differences through mediation rather than litigation.

 Read the program brochure - (PDF) (MS Word)

The program is voluntary and can provide opportunities for tenants and landlords to eliminate communication barriers and work together. Issues that can be mediated include, but are not limited to, damaged property, noise complaints, repairs, and financial problems. 

The mediator is not a judge, lawyer or counselor, but is skilled in assisting landlords and tenants in:

  • Defining and clarifying issues
  • Reducing obstacles to communication 
  • Exploring possible solutions 
  • Reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement.


  • Gives landlords and tenants the opportunity to speak openly and have questions answered
  • Remains confidential
  • Accepts broad range of landlord-tenant issues
  • Emphasizes cooperative problem-solving.

To make a referral or if you have questions please call 336-373-2038.