Police Concerns

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Police Community Review Board

The City's Police Community Review Board (PCRB) is comprised of volunteer members appointed by City Council and the chair of the Human Relations Commission. The PCRB is tasked with reviewing and assessing the investigations and findings of the Greensboro Police Department's Professional Standards Division (PSD).

All complaints filed against members of the police department must be investigated by PSD. If not satisfied by the results of a PSD investigation, a resident can request the PCRB review the matter.

The PCRB serves the City as a neutral third party ensuring fair and transparent oversight of the police internal investigative process. See who is on the PCRB.

1. Filing a Complaint

Do you feel you have been treated unfairly by a Greensboro police department employee? You may file a complaint about the incident within 60 days after it occurred. All complaints are sent to PSD for investigation and kept on file with the PCRB in case you want to have the committee review and assess PSD's final determination.

You may file a complaint against a member of the GPD one of these five ways

    PSD Complaint Process

PSD thoroughly investigates all complaints by interviewing you, looking at all of the evidence involved, and interviewing the accused police employee, among other steps. After this, PSD sends you a "Determination Letter," which includes a summary of the case, the division's findings about your complaint. This information is also forwarded to PCRB.

Learn more about PSD’s decision-making process. 

2. Possible Next Step

If you are not satisfied with PSD's final ruling, you may request PCRB review and assess the matter next. You may request a review by PCRB using one of these four ways.  

Your request to have PCRB review your case must be made within 30 days from when you receive PSD's Determination Letter.

    Police Community Review Board Process

PCRB will interview you and your witnesses and gather all the information PSD used to make its decision about your complaint and will schedule a review of the information within 60 days of when you requested it to assess the matter and vote on whether the majority agrees with PSD's decision or does not agree.

If PCRB agrees, the committee will send you a letter stating that and your case will be closed.

If PCRB disagrees with PSD's decision, the committee may schedule a conference with the Chief of Police to resolve the issue. If a resolution is reached, the committee will send you a letter stating that and your case will be closed. 

If the conference with the Chief of Police still does not resolve the matter, the PCRB will request in writing that the City Manager then review your case and make a final decision. The committee will send you a letter stating what that decision is and your case will be closed.