Family Friendly Benefits

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Family Friendly Benefits

Part-time Benefitsfamily friendly photo

This allows City employees to work for the organization on a less than full-time basis. In some cases, employees may enjoy a full career in this fashion, but the more common example is when an employee alternates between full-time and part-time employment at various stages of his or her work/life cycle.

Job Sharing

Part-time benefits allow managers to hire two people to fill one full-time job.

Flextime / Flex Schedules

In many cases, it may be possible and feasible to allow employees, including nonexempt employees, to work a schedule other than the usual 8 am to 5 pm work schedule.

Alternative Work Arrangements / Telecommuting

With improvements in the City's technology systems in recent years, some jobs can be performed from remote locations. This creates many possibilities for jobs in which some of the work is performed in a typical, on-site office setting with the remaining work being performed from an employee's home or other nontraditional location.

CityFlex (IRS Section 125 Program)

Although the City does not provide child care services, employees can participate in a dependent care reimbursement account within the City’s CityFlex program. By participating in this “pre-tax” program, employees can potentially save 20-30 percent on the cost of child care (or adult dependent care) through tax savings without creating undue cash flow problems. CityFlex also offers a medical reimbursement program that also provides the ability to save 20-30 percent on medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Employees may chose to participate in the following programs offered under CityFlex:

  • Pay their portion (if any) of health and dental premiums on a pre-tax basis.
  • Set aside (pre-tax) part of their paycheck to pay for medical related expenses not covered by the health and dental programs, or to pay for child or adult day care.
  • Pay for parking in any City operated facility on a pre-tax basis.

In each case, it is estimated an employee will save 20-30 percent of the cost of these items when participating in one of these programs.

Planned Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Many employees value more time with their families or to pursue recreational or other personal interests over marginally better incomes. This program allows employees to purchase additional leave to be taken in accordance with policy and supervisory approval. 

Retiree Rehire

For many years, it has been common for retired employees to return to the City in temporary, seasonal, or project capacities. The employee has the advantage of some additional post-retirement income (up to maximums established by the retirement system), while not having to leave the workforce completely. The City receives the value provided by experienced, competent employees. 

City Manager's Leave

Employees who have at least five consecutive years of service may be granted leave by the City Manager to cover an extended absence from work due to his/her own serious illness or injury subject to policy. 

Donated Leave

In instances where an employee who has successfully completed his or her probationary period has exhausted all available leave due to personal or family illness, he or she is eligible to accept voluntarily donated annual leave from other employees in order to remain in a paid status during the crisis. The donated leave is converted to sick leave for the receiving employee to use. Donated leave is also available to longer-tenured employees who have also exhausted City Manager's granted leave.

Parental Leave

The City provides benefit eligible employees up to 12 weeks of leave for the birth or adoption of a child and to care for the child after birth or adoption after 12 months of employment and at least 1,250 hours. The total time may be a combination of various kinds of leave (paid or unpaid) depending on the circumstances.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The City provides assistance for employees to help deal with personal and/or family issues which may be causing stress or other problems through both an internal EAP and through Nurseline, a program offered by the City's health insurance provider.