Paid Leave Time

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Paid Time Off

Annual Leaveannual leave plan

Benefit-eligible full-time employees earn annual leave (vacation) based on length of service. The amount earned starts at 12 days per year and increases with service time up to a maximum of 24 days per year. As of February 1 of each year, employees can carry forward a maximum balance of 30 days (240 hours). Earnings start immediately upon employment, but leave is not available for use until an employee successfully completes six months of employment. The amount earned by part-time employees is a prorated amount based on the number of hours they work.

Sick Leave

The City provides 12 days of sick leave each year for full-time benefit-eligible employees and there is no maximum amount that can be accumulated. Part-time employees earn a prorated amount based on the number of hours they work. As a result, retention of sick leave is an excellent insurance program against short-term or long-term illness and should not be abused. In addition, unused sick leave may be applied as additional service credit at the time of retirement, which has the effect of increasing retirement benefits. Coverage begins immediately upon employment. Newly hired City employees who come from another North Carolina government entity (covered by Local or State Governmental Employees' Retirement Systems) are eligible to transfer their existing sick leave balance (subject to policy) to the City from their previous employer.


The City observes 12 paid holidays per year. Coverage begins immediately upon employment.