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hr contact us photoThe Human Resources Department provides a comprehensive program of support services and consulting to all departments and agencies. This department is a centralized human resources administration program consisting of seven functional divisions/sections.

Please contact the Human Resources Department with your general human resources questions.

If you are interested in a position with the City of Greensboro, please see the current listing of jobs. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a City of Greensboro application. Unsolicited resumes are not reviewed.

General Administration Team

Jamiah Waterman Human Resources Director  336-373-4629
Vacant Senior HR Manager - Workforce Strategies & Analytics   336-373-4627
Jamiah Waterman  Senior HR Manager - Law, Compliance, & Development  336-433-7301
Charlene Dillard  HR Business Administrator   336-373-2365
Linda Woods   Admin Support Specialist 336-373-2358
Benefits Team
Vacant  Manager, Total Compensation 336-373-2710
Deborah Stephens  Supervisor, Total Compensation - Benefits 336-373-2180
Donna Braswell-Bray Benefits Consultant (Works with Retirees M - Z) 336-373-2614
Nancy Gillespie Benefits Consultant (Works with Retirees A - L) 336-373-2504
Janna Trout  Wellness Specialist 336-335-5519  
Employee Safety, Health, and Worker's Compensation Team
Matt Schweitzer   Safety Administrator   336-373-2167  
Audrey Hewitt   Workers’ Compensation Analyst 336-373-2616  
Karen Wilkinson  Phys/Asst/Nurse Practitioner   336-373-2412 
Rosa McDougal   Administrative Support Specialist   336-373-2412  
Joan Stafford  Administrative Support II   336-373-2412

Law and Compliance Team including Employee Relations 
Robert Nunn  Law and Compliance Supervisor   336-373-3656  
Shari Cook  Compliance Consultant  336-373-3737
Lacy DeBerry  Employee Relations Consultant  336-373-2730  
Maria Hicks-Few  Diversity and Inclusion Officer  336-373-2657  

Organizational Effectiveness and Development Team 
Tiffany Brown  Organizational Effectiveness and Development Manager  336-373-2885
Katie Croft  Organizational Effectiveness and Development Supervisor   336-373-2179 
Robert Armond Organizational Development Specialist 336-373-4841
Irish Good  HR Rep Coordinator  336-373-4091
Gloria Gray  Organizational Development Specialist 336-373-2419
Sharline Comer Facility Manager  336-373-2572
Recruitment, Staffing, and Career Strategies Team
Amy Salava   Career Strategies Manager  336-373-2628  
Front Desk  Front Desk - General Questions   336-373-2020 
Cora Cunningham   Employment Consultants 336-373-2600 
Amanda Calvin   Employment Consultants
Adrian Lipscomb Employment Admin Assistant  336-373-2020 
Workforce Strategies and Analytics Team
Joan Blackburn   Total Compensation Manager   336-373-2710  
Vacant Total Compensation Supervisor - Comp  336-373-4672 
Radenko Dosan   Compensation Consultant  336-373-3643  
Kevin Swilley   Workforce Analytics Supervisor   336-373-7947 
Claudette Lindsay   HRIS Consultant   336-373-2218 
Kevin Patton   HRIS Consultant   336-373-2978