Learning & Employee Development

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training manThe City of Greensboro is dedicated to assisting employees in their pursuit of personal and professional development. Development is vital to the growth of an individual, their department, and the organization as a whole.

The HR division of Organizational Effectiveness and Development is responsible for most employee development. They offer offers leadership development, individualized career consultation, and the following programs:

  • New Employee Orientation (NEO):  is a process of integrating new hires into the organization. The NEO conveys the organization mission, vision, city’s philosophy, provides an overview of city’s policies, economic development, recreational and cultural venues, and other municipal services that is provided to internal and external customers.
  • General Course Offerings (GCO): courses are designed to enhance employee knowledge and skills to improve performance, increase employee engagement and level of customer service. The course provides topics that focuses on Crucial Conversations, Time Management, Mind Body & Soul, Career Awareness, Employee Engagement, Interviewing Skills and other course offerings.
  • Introduction to Leadership: this course provides the basics for participants by introducing essential Leadership concepts and models. This course will examine topics such as understanding leadership, the city’s philosophy, workplace engagement, understanding a mission and vision, crucial conversations, project management, cultural competence and employee development planning. Participants will assess their leadership traits and skills to improve their own leadership performance.
  • Operational Leadership (OL): this course is designed to increase professional influence and impact, across departments and business units while enhancing your professional leadership skills. You are challenged to gain awareness and knowledge with a thorough review of leadership and behavioral models, motivational theories, city’s philosophy, decision making tools, creating a mission and vision, change management, project management, cultural competence and development planning. This course will be experiential and practical in its nature.
  • Systemic Leadership (SL): this course provides a road map to achieving excellence in Leadership. It outlines the theoretical foundations concepts of Leadership through a thorough review of leadership models and provides participants with the opportunity to understand what it takes to influence and empower others. The course presents leadership theories, personality benchmarks, and decision making tools, and understanding cultural competence/bias. The course requires personal intellectual curiosity and commitment, and in addition to laying the theoretical foundation of leadership, will be experiential and practical in nature.
  • Leadership Edge (LE): this course provides leading edge strategies for emerging leadership. The course is built on the city’s philosophy that you need to understand who you are as a leader, and be able to navigate the organizational culture, be people-centered, data informed and purpose driven. Participants engage in One-On-One Executive Coaching, Classroom Experiences, Peer Networking, Capstone Experience, and Development Planning. The course takes a highly personal approach to help you examine your current leadership style and gives you a priceless opportunity to refine it with new knowledge and practice.
  • Pre-Retirement Education Planning Program (PREPP): Pre-Retirement Education Planning Program (PREPP) has been designed to help prepare employees who are one to five years away from retirement. This program covers the financial, legal, social, and personal aspects of retirement. It emphasizes planning for this significant life-style change using discussion and outside resource "experts". 
  • Foundations of Policy (FOP): this course is a designed to understand and effectively manage organizational policies and procedures. The course will focus on policy interpretation, procedural steps, organizational support, compliance, strategies and best practices. This course will help participants to easily access and understand city policies.

Human Resources also offers the following professional development opportunities for City of Greensboro employees:

  • Toastmasters:  an educational series that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through networks and club membership. Toastmaster helps employees at all levels of the organization become more confident speakers.
  • E-Learning: a learning and development online platform that allows employees to view and complete required organizational training's, course pre-work, and other business training. E-learning is flexible, convenient and accessible. Employees can complete training without physically attend a classroom setting.
  • G-School (GS): an experiential learning experience where participants has the opportunity to explore the work environment and roles of experienced workplace colleagues to gain insight into how to learn and develop in their current role.  
  • Be Inspired (BI): is a series that harness public speaking and communication skills. It is a forum for motivational and inspirational speeches presented by city employees. Be Inspired is a people-centered initiative that creates an environment that is intended to motive and inspire others. If you wish not to present, employees are welcome to be a part of the audience. 
  • Health Rewards: this program aims to increase employee awareness of their own health status and provides education and resources to help you get healthier, stay healthy, and live a better quality of life.