Smart Kiosks in Downtown Greensboro

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Smart City Media installed new, smart city kiosks throughout downtown Greensboro. The kiosks, which look like large-scale smart phones, feature timely information relating to nearby restaurants, retail, events and public transportation. The kiosks also provide free Wi-Fi hot spots.

The kiosks aim to engage and connect the community and are free to the City with Smart City Media selling digital advertising to cover the cost.

Duke Energy created a case study about the downtown kiosks. 


Kiosks have been installed at:

  • Center City Park, 204 N. Elm St
  • LeBauer Park
  • 208 N. Davie St.
  • Joymongers Brewing Co., 576 N. Eugene St.
  • Corner of South Elm Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
  • Melvin Municipal Office Building
  • Corner of South Elm and Washington
  • Corner of North Elm and Market
  • Corner of South Elm and East Lewis
  • Phill G. McDonald Plaza

Additional kiosks are planned for:

  • J. Douglas Galyon Depot
  • Hamburger Square