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The City's Legal Department is an integral part of the City organization. The City Attorney and his staff are committed to providing expert legal advice and representation to the City, its public officials and employees on a broad range of issues.

Contact: 336-373-2320

What does the Legal Department do?

legalThe attorneys focus on issues relating to local government law, such as public finance, land use, public records, taxation, open meetings, and condemnation. Other areas of practice include litigation in state and federal courts, torts, claims, contracts, real estate, employment, environmental, construction, administrative, and Constitutional law.

The City Attorney provides advice to City Council members to help them meet the needs of their constituents. The City Attorney or a member of his staff also is responsible for drafting or reviewing all resolutions and ordinances presented to City Council. Other legal documents, including contracts, leases, and deeds to which the City is a party are reviewed or drafted by the City Attorney's office, as well.

The Legal Department only represents the City of Greensboro, its agencies, officials, and employees on matters of public business and cannot provide legal advice to outside residents nor can it refer residents to private attorneys.

The Guilford County District Attorney's Office handles local criminal prosecutions involving state law and City ordinances without involvement from the City's Legal Department. The United States Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina usually handles prosecution for matters involving federal law.