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The Legislative Department is made up of the City's governing body, the City Clerk, the Community Relations Division, and Elections. 

Governing Body
Composed of the Mayor and eight City Council members; exercises all corporate and legislative powers of the City; levies taxes and fees and appropriates funds for service. 

City Clerk
Custodian of all minute books, ordinance books, contracts, and Greensboro Code of Ordinances; records all official actions taken by City Council; prepares agendas and provides secretarial assistance to Council.

Community Relations
Partners with community members in navigating City services to resolve concerns, creating long-term positive relationships throughout our communities. 

Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission (GCJAC)
Reports directly to City Council and the City Manager’s Office and is tasked with a wide range of objectives across the justice continuum. 

Provides funding for Council elections and anticipated special elections.

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