Other Rehabilitation Programs

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Emergency Repair Program

The Emergency Repair Program is designed to address immediate threats to the health and safety of residents of single-family housing. Funding is provided in the form of a forgivable loan to the homeowner, and no liens or deed restrictions are placed on the property. The program is not intended to rehabilitate houses to the City’s Minimum Housing Code.

Requirements for designation as an emergency repair

  • System failures are limited to the failure of an HVAC system (November-March), gas leaks, broken or defective water or sewer lines, electrical system failure, septic tank failure, and other events outside of the control of the owner that render the unit uninhabitable.
  • The system failure can be isolated and repaired within 10 days of the Inspector's Certification.
  • The cost to make the Emergency Repair does not exceed $7,500, based on contractor bids.

Emergency repair eligibility requirements

  • Property has conditions that pose an imminent threat to health and/or safety and a doctor’s note stating those conditions are a threat to the occupant’s health.
  • The applicant is a fee simple owner/occupant of the dwelling unit to be repaired and the property is located within the City limits.
  • Homeowner does not have sufficient cash on hand to complete the repair.
  • Homeowner provides a completed application.
  • Homeowner is current on all property taxes or the homeowner owes less than two years back taxes but is participating in a formal repayment plan.

How do I apply?
Contact Jennifer Freeman at 337-373-2530 to get prequalified.

Then what happens?
A Neighborhood Development staff person will call to discuss the program, contractors will come to give quotes on the work, and the City will proceed with having the work done. 


Handicapped Accessibility Grants

Handicapped Accessibility Grants of up to $15,000 are available to qualifying homeowners and owners of rental property.

Greensboro Housing Coalition is a referral, informational, and educational organization dedicated to providing information about many housing issues. For more information, call 336-691-9521.

Community Housing Solutions is a non-profit organization providing housing repairs. For more information, call 336-676-6986.