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Junked & Abandoned Vehicles

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Need to reclaim a towed vehicle?

Junked Motor Vehicles

On private property – Any motor vehicle on private property is required to have a valid license tag issued for that vehicle or be able to move under its own power in both forward and reverse. Any motor vehicle on private property without a valid license tag and that does not operate, is in violation of the City’s Junked and Abandoned Motor Vehicles Ordinance and will be tagged by a Code Compliance Inspector.

The owner will have seven days to bring the vehicle into compliance. If after seven days the vehicle has not been brought into compliance, it will be towed.

This does not apply to vehicles stored in an enclosed structure.

Abandoned Motor Vehicles

On public-owned property, public streets or within a street's right-of-way – A motor vehicle that appears to be abandoned on a public street or within a street's right-of-way will be tagged. The owner has seven consecutive days to remove the vehicle. If the vehicle remains unmoved, it will be considered abandoned and will be towed.

On private property  If a motor vehicle appears to be abandoned on private property, the owner of the property may submit a Vehicle Release Form, granting authority to the City to remove the vehicle. A Code Compliance Inspector will review the release form for validity and the vehicle will be towed.

Trailers can only be parked on a city street during loading and unloading of the trailer and must always be connected to an operable vehicle.

Claiming Your Towed Vehicle

Before claiming your vehicle from the towing location, you must provide the following proof of ownership to Code Compliance staff:

  • Picture ID and
  • Either the vehicle registration or title or proof of current insurance. 

Bring this information to the Code Compliance Office's reception desk, third floor, Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St., Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.

When proof of ownership is verified, a City staff person will bring you to the Collections Office in the same building to pay $175 to claim your vehicle. 

Questions? Complaints?

Call the Code Compliance Office at 336-373-2111 or to report a possible violation, visit this Web page.