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The Neighborhood Development Department accepts general contractors and skilled tradesmen to participate in various single-family rehabilitation projects through the Rehabilitation and Lead Safe Housing programs.

Potential contractors are required to have previous experience in major structural repairs on existing structures and be a licensed Lead Abatement Firm with certified/licensed staff. Contractors are also required to maintain a good credit record. If any judgments are executed or liens filed against you, you must notify the City's Housing Rehabilitation Administrator at 336-373-2530.

Contractors must have general liability insurance equal to or exceeding Neighborhood Development's minimum requirements. Insurance coverage must be continuous and the department must be notified of any changes.

Current minimum level of insurance required:

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance for all employees and subcontractors, in accordance with state Worker's Compensation Laws.
  • Comprehensive General Liability coverage of $1 million per occurrence; Bodily Injury Liability of $500,000 per occurrence; and Property Damage Liability of $500,000 per occurrence.

Rehabilitation contracts will be awarded through a public procurement process in which a bid request will be sent to registered contractors.

Questions? Contact Russ Behn at 336-373-2661.