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Lead Safe Housing Program

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Neighborhood Development's Lead Safe Housing Program provides grants to assist low-income homeowners with addressing unsafe lead paint conditions that pose a potential health hazard to young children.

The program is designed to assist owners of single- and multi-family dwellings and rental properties.

Is Your Home 'Healthy'?


The Lead Safe Housing Program is leading the way in protecting children from the dangers of lead by educating families and providing information on the hazards of lead exposure.

Call us at 336-373-3624 if you are a homeowner, landlord or contractor interested in receiving more information about the dangers of lead-based paint and how to protect your family or the families you serve.

Since the program's inception in 2002, Neighborhood Development has received more than $5 million to reduce lead hazards in more than 1,000 housing units.

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The City of Greensboro has no control over and makes no warranties regarding activities the landlord, management, residents, or others may have taken since testing that might have disturbed the lead-based paint and/or concerning normal deterioration that might have rendered the unit lead-contaminated since the test date.