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The Planning and Project Development Division of Greensboro Parks and Recreation is responsible for planning and development of city parks, trails and greenways. Our staff works closely with other departments as well as residents to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the diverse recreational amenities our city has to offer.
  • P&R Current Projects

    • Barber Park Disc Golf Redesign

    • Barber Park Phase II

    • Battleground Parks District

    • Brightwood Park

    • Community Tennis Projects

    • Gateway Gardens Visitor Center

    • Glenwood Recreation Center Improvements

    • Griffin Community Park

    • Henry Street Park

    • Hester Park Phase II

    • Keeley Park Master Plan

    • Peeler Community Park

  • P&R Master Plans

    • Battleground Parks District Master Plan

    • Griffin Community Park

    • Heath Park Master Plan

    • Keeley Park Master Plan

    • Peeler Community Park

    • Smith Community Park

    • Spencer Love Tennis Center Master Plan

    • Steelman Park

    • Sussman Park