Parks and Recreation Plan2Play

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About Plan2Play 

Plan2Play is Greensboro Parks and Recreation's new system-wide Master Plan. Plan2Play will provide a framework for the use and development of the City park system for the next 20 years. The planning process will review the department’s current operations and provide recommendations, priorities, and strategies for meeting the changing recreation needs of the community.Previous Comprehensive Master Plans include the 2005 Comprehensive System-wide Plan Update and the 1998-2017 Comprehensive System-wide Plan.  

Draft Master Plan

Plan2Play Draft Master PlanParks and Recreation has completed a draft of Plan2Play for consideration by the community. Residents have until January 31 to review and comment on the draft of Plan2Play before it goes to the City Council for consideration and potential adoption.

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  • P&R Plan2Play Draft Recommendations

    • Big Idea #1 - Bring up the Basics

    • Big Idea #2 - Create a Strong Brand

    • Big Idea #3 - Bring Nature to Our Backyards

    • Big Idea #4 - Strengthen Partnerships

    • Big Idea #5 - Create Transformative Programs

    • Big Idea #6 - Create Community Hearts

    • Big Idea #7 - Make Greensboro Accessible

    • Big Idea #8 - Connect the Trail System

    • Big Idea #9 - Improve Trails & Park Paths