Inclusion Services

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The City's Parks and Recreation Department offers an Inclusion Program through the Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) Section. The Program designates the Inclusion Staff of AIR to assist participants with disabilities in all of our parks and recreation programs

Our goal is to provide opportunities for inclusion that reduce physical, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers. In addition to providing support to all recreational activities, we act as a resource to the community in areas such as advocacy, disability awareness, and disability training.

How do I receive assistance from Inclusion Services?

Requests should be made when you register for a program, camp or event and at least two weeks in advance of the start of the program, camp or event. This will give us enough time to develop modifications and identify appropriate staff to have in place. Note: We do not provide one-on-one services.

Steps to the Inclusion Process:

  1. Register for the program, camp or event. Check "yes" that you are requesting a modification due to a disability or concern. Questions? Please call our Inclusion Services team at 336-373-2954.
  2. AIR Inclusion staff will contact the parent/guardian to complete a participant modification form and return to AIR at 1001 Fourth Street, Greensboro, NC 27405 or via e-mail at
  3. An individualized action plan will be developed to implement modifications that may be needed for the registered program. A parent/guardian and program/facility supervisor will be asked to sign and each will be given a copy of the action plan.
  4. A daily report will be completed and given to the parent/guardian at the end of each day of the program.
  5. The Inclusion staff will work with the program or camp staff to use a variety of techniques or modifications to create a successful recreation experience. Once the techniques or modifications have been implemented, the role of the inclusion staff changes rom direct to indirect support.

wheelchair basketballPossible modifications may include
(but are not limited to):

  •  Adaptive equipment (when available
  •  Modify or adapt activities that do not alter the program
  • Individualized assessment/Plan of action (strategies for success)
  • Provide trained staff for inclusion support (not one-on-one assistance).

If you have any questions concerning the Inclusion Service Program or would like to request an assessment, please call the Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation section at (336) 373-2954 or e-mail us.

Contact Information

Sharon L. Williams, CPRP Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation Coordinator

Greensboro Parks and Recreation