Greensboro Parks and Recreation youth cheerleading program exists to create a positive environment for youth ages 7-12 to cheer during the football season by emphasizing each individual's right to participate, good sportsmanship,  promoting skill development, and fitness and well-being. 

Our Philosophy

Although winning is important, we do not emphasize it as a priority. We measure success on the skills a player develops and the amount of fun the player is having. Emphasis is placed on safety, team work, skill development and fair play.
All Greensboro Parks and Recreation Athletic programs maintain a family friendly and sportsmanlike atmosphere. Review the codes of conduct for coaches, parents, and players. These guidelines extend to all who enter the playing and spectator areas.

Program Details

Youth Cheerleading is offered during the Fall for the Football Season, and Winter for the Basketball Season.


  • Registration: June 4 - July 20

    • Late Registration: July 23 - August 4

  • Locations: Glenwood, Leonard, Lewis, Peeler, Warnersville, and Windsor Recreation Centers.

  • Cost: $50 per child.

  • Late Fee: $65

    •  Payment is due at the time of registration.

  • Ages: 5-12 years old

    •  Age is determined as of August 31.

By-Laws will be posted once finalized for 2018 season.

Schedules will be posted once finalized for 2018 season


  • Registration: October 1 - November 21
    •  Late Registrations: November 26 - December 7

  • Locations: Brown, Craft, Glenwood, Griffin, Leonard, Lewis, Lindley, Peeler, Trotter, Warnersville, Windsor

The Athletic Section may assign cheerleaders outside of their district to form teams.

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