Certified Better Sports for kids

Greensboro Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of sports for youth ages 4 through 16; designed to create a positive environment for youth by emphasizing each individual's right to participate, good sportsmanship, promoting skill development, and fitness and well-being. Greensboro is nationally recognized as a Better Sports for Kids Program Provider by the National Alliance for Youth Sports

Our Philosophy

Although winning is important, we do not emphasize it as a priority. We measure success on the skills a player develops and the amount of fun the player is having. 
All Greensboro Parks and Recreation Athletic programs maintain a family friendly and sportsmanlike atmosphere. Review the codes of conduct for coaches, parents, and players. These guidelines extend to all who enter the playing and spectator areas.

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Coach's Corner

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Directions to our Recreation Centers:

Brown Center
Craft Center
Glenwood Center
Griffin Center
Leonard Center
Lewis Center
Lindley Center
Peeler Center
Trotter Center
Warnersville Center
Windsor Center

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