For Parents

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For Parents

The Greensboro Youth Council (GYC) is an organization for Guilford County high school and home-schooled students that helps them grow and mature through volunteerism and program planning.

The success of GYC relies on the commitment of the volunteers. We understand that parents play a major role in their teens' involvement, from providing transportation to ensuring schedules allow for volunteering.

We encourage you to allow your teen to navigate the joining process as well as involvement in GYC independently. The GYC Executive Board consist of teens just like yours who can answer any questions they might have. Adult advisors are there to provide guidance and support as well.

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Facts and Figures

  • GYC was founded in 1962 and was the first organization of its kind in the nation.
  • GYC volunteers serve more than 3,800 hours each year on average.
  • GYC service provides an economic impact to Greensboro of more than $80,000 annually.

What Can You Expect

GYC focuses on helping your teen to become an independent and responsible individual by relating volunteer work to real-world experiences. For example: Signing up for a volunteer shift. Showing up on time to a shift and fully participating is what an employer would expect at a part-time job.

In addition to life skills, your teen will:

  • Have the opportunity to meet teens from across Guilford County
  • Earn volunteer and service learning hours through community projects and events
  • Develop skills such as public speaking, teamwork, event management, and problem solving that will help them become a leader.

Volunteers also receive incentives for their service such as gift cards, award recognition, and scholarships based on hours of service.

Download the GYC Parent Packet for an overview of the organization, including programs and membership.

If you have any questions about your teens involvement in GYC, please call 336-373-2734 to speak to an adult advisor or e-mail us your question.