Youth Leadership Greensboro (YLG) is designed for outstanding high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want develop leadership skills to make a difference in their community. 

Following the youth empowerment model, this program is organized teens who have graduated from the program.

Participants are exposed to local issues and hot topics facing the community. Previous topics include diversity, politics, media, health, education, law/justice, arts, economy, environment, and advocacy. Our participants gain a fuller picture of how Greensboro works so they can become better advocates and problem-solvers. 

The program is held annually October through March. During six full day sessions, the class visits businesses and other organizations to meet with experts and influencers.

In addition to the daytime sessions, class members work in small groups to more deeply explore one topic of interest. Groups present their findings publicly at the end of the year. Through this process, the program develops a network of emerging leaders who work together to improve our community.


Applications for 2020-2021 class will open on May 1. Class size will not exceed 30 students. View application for 2019-2020 class

Program Fees

The cost to participate in Youth Leadership Greensboro is $80. This fee is due upon acceptance in the program. Fee assistance is available.

Program Requirements

Attend all sessions and participate in all activities. Sessions are held during the school day. Students of Guilford County schools are excused from class during these sessions.Participate in a research project on an issue concerning greater Greensboro. This project will be completed in small groups. Groups will typically meet one hours per month outside of scheduled YLG day sessions (six hours total). A final presentation is required.