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Know Your MTB Etiquette

1. Be Prepared
Know your equipment, your ability, the weather, and the area you are riding and prepare accordingly. Always pack plenty of water and a cell phone in case of an emergency. A well planned ride will go smoothly for you and your companions.

OR_bike2. Don't Ride on Hiking Only Trails
Whether it is to protect the environment or for rider safety, a closed trail is off limits for a reason. Riding off-limit trails is not only illegal, it gives mountain bikers a bad reputation.

3. Say No to Mud
Riding a muddy trail can cause unnecessary trail widening and erosion that may lead to long-lasting damage. Some trails may close due to wet conditions. For up-to-date information on trail closures, please call 336-373-2MTB or check out the Fat Tire Society Twitter.

4. Leave No Trace
Be sensitive to the trail and its surroundings by riding softly and never skidding. Do not litter and never scare animals.

5. Stay on the Trail
Do not intentionally ride off trail. Riding off trail can damage the ecosystem. Never cut switchbacks.

6. Pass with Courtesy and Care
Just like a busy highway, when trails are crowded you must move slowly to ensure safety for all trail users. Respectfully make others aware you are approaching. Pass with care and be prepared to stop if necessary.

7. Share the Trail with Other Trail Users
Mountain bikers, runners, and hikers must share multi-use trails. Yield to other bikers who are climbing. And remember: Mountain bikers always yield to hikers and runners.

8. Don't Do Unauthorized or Illegal Trail Work
This may lead to environmental damage, injury or even potential trail closure.

9. Observe City Rules and Ordinances
No horseback riding, OVRs, camping, dogs off the leash, smoking or intoxicants. All persons 15 years old and under must wear bicycle helmet.

10. Get Involved
If you want to make a difference in your mountain biking community, get involved with the local club Greensboro Fat Tire Society or e-mail the Trails Section to sponsor a trail.