Street Addresses

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address postingDid you know that the Planning Department is responsible for assigning your house its street address, as well as making sure house numbers are posted and stay posted correctly?

Posting your address helps emergency responders locate your home or business in case of an emergency. It also allows delivery services, postal services, and utility service providers to find your address quicker.

For more information, please read this brochure.

For single family homes, use numbers that are at least three inches high. For apartments and duplexes, as well as non-residential buildings, use numbers that are at least six inches high.

Place address numbers within three feet of the front entrance to a house or in a location that can be seen from the street in both directions. If the house is not visible from the street, post numbers so they are clearly visible from the road.

To learn more about how your address gets assigned or why it may need to be changed, review the Street Naming and Addressing Manual.

Questions? Contact the Planning Department Address Coordinator at 336-373-2144.