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Learn more about what annexation is by reviewing frequently asked questions, keeping track of annexation-related issues, and looking at case archives.

planning meeting 

Boards and Commissions
Planning boards and commissions set policy, develop plans and budgets, and ensure accountability in implementation of programs and services. Interested in serving on a board or commission?



City Demographics and Statistics
Read about what the latest census reported and what recent economic and community indicators suggest.
 master plan
Development/Plan Review Process and Development Services Office
The Planning Department provides services for developments located within the City's jurisdiction and its fringes for all aspects of a site’s design and compliance with zoning regulations. Learn about the Electronic Plan Review process, the role the Technical Review Committee plays in that process, follow its review progress and approved plan list, and review the water/sewer development process.


Enhancing Your Property
Save yourself time! Learn what you need to know before you do your own work. Check out these building permit FAQs and then track the status of your inspection.  
historic home 
Historic Preservation
The City promotes the preservation of historic properties and areas of Greensboro in a variety of ways. Learn more about the Historic Preservation Commission and Historic District ProgramMunicipal Service District Program, Landmark Program, and the National Register of Historic Places,   
Housing Development Opportunities

The City typically awards funding for the development of affordable housing by issuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Recent development opportunities include the Ole Asheboro and the Willow Oaks redevelopment areas. Other opportunities exist through the work of the Redevelopment Commission.
growth plans 

Neighborhood Planning

The City realizes that sometimes neighborhoods need its assistance to develop a strategy for improving and enhancing the community. The Planning Department does this through historic preservation efforts, neighborhood conservation overlays, and the NeighborWoods program. Review recent neighborhood plans.


Our Department 
So, how can the Planning Department be of assistance to you? Find out who the right person is for you to talk with by reviewing the department's staff contact list and organizational chart. And, see how other planning-related groups can help you.


Plans and Studies 
The Planning Department prepares numerous plans addressing land use, open space, historic resources, the environment, housing, transportation, economic development, and our diverse population.
for sale 
Properties Available for Sale 
Planning helps the Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro and the Greensboro Housing Development Partnership in marketing properties that are for sale. Currently both groups have several homes and vacant lots available for purchase and have information about those properties listed. 


Greensboro recognizes the importance of healthy neighborhoods to the overall economic well-being of the City. Review the City's redevelopment areas. 


The City regulates signage to make sure items are correctly constructed, posted and maintained and do not create a visual distraction or hazard.

 plan review system

Tracking Your Plan in the Review Process
The City has a document management system that allows anyone who needs to have a plan reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) to submit the plan electronically and then track its progress through the system. 

transportation impact study 
Transportation Impact Study 
A Transportation Impact Study may be required for rezoning cases or when submitting subdivision/site plans.  


Trees and Urban Forestry
The cultivation and management of trees in and around the places we live is important to the City. That's why a staff urban forester works in the Planning Department to administer ordinances and tree-related programs.

water and sewer 
Water / Sewer Service for Property Outside the City
Learn more about the City's policy for water and sanitary sewer service as it relates to the development process. 
zoning regulations 
The Planning Department administers the City's zoning rules and regulations - called Land Development Ordinance (LDO) - by processing zoning- and rezoning-related requests and applications, investigating possible zoning violations, and interpreting the LDO. This is done through a development review process. Learn more about the City's zoning/rezoning process and read Zoning Commission reports.