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mapAnnexation is the process by which a city adds land to its jurisdiction. The city then extends its services, laws, and voting privileges to meet the needs of residents living in the annexed area. Learn more about what annexation is by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Typically, annexation takes place in areas that are adjacent to a municipality, where the population already has expanded or soon will expand to densities found in urban areas. People living in an urban setting generally need services and facilities beyond those provided by state and county governments. In addition, annexation encourages orderly growth and provides standardized services to those who live in the annexed area. Keep track of annexation-related issues on our Annexation & Street Change Tracking page.

Annexation also promotes fairness by requiring that those who reap the benefits of living near a city and who use the services provided by a city, share in the costs of operating the city. Cities cannot remain strong financially unless their boundaries are periodically extended to include areas that are becoming urban.

The benefits of annexation include:
  • Improved police and fire protection services.
  • Improved street maintenance services for public streets.
  • The opportunity to fully participate in the Greensboro community, including voting in City elections.
  • Recycling, yard waste, bulk trash, and appliance pickup, along with use of the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.
  • Much lower water and sewer rates for properties using those City services.

To review a flow chart outlining annexation procedures, please visit the Procedures Manual page.

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