Development/Plan Review

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The Planning Department provides services for developments located within the City's jurisdiction and its fringes. This includes all aspects of a site’s design and compliance with zoning regulations related to:

  • The review and approval of proposed developments
  • Inspections to ensure the construction complies with the approved plan
  • Ensuring the site continues to comply with the development standards after construction is   

To review processes associated with Development Review, please visit the Procedures Manual page.

Some services commonly associated with Development Review include: 

Addressing, Street Naming, and Closings – The  street name change process for requesting the City either assign or change the name of a public street through the Planning Board and City Council includes the submission of an application and application fee to be processed and scheduled for the next available board meeting. The Street Name and Address Assignment Standards manual provides more information about the regulations. Questions? Contact Sheila Curry, GIS analyst/address coordinator, at 336-335-5691.

The street closing process, for requesting the City permanently remove a public street or an alley, is handled by the Planning Board and City Council as w.ell. It also requires the submission of an application and an application fee to be processed and scheduled for the next available Planning Board meeting.  Questions? Contact Andy Lester, planner, at 336-412-5757

Annexations – Annexation is the process by which a city adds land to its jurisdiction and then extends its services, laws, and voting privileges to meet the needs of residents living in the annexed area. Annexation encourages orderly growth and provides standardized services. Planning coordinates the public hearing processes for an annexation before the Planning Board (recommending the annexation), Zoning Commission (recommending the new zoning district) and City Council (final adoption of both the annexation and zoning district). Questions? Contact Luke Carter, senior planner, at 336-373-4342.

Annexation Agreements – Planning monitors the annexation activities of the surrounding jurisdictions to ensure the growth of their cities and towns comply with the annexation agreements that are in place. Greensboro has annexation agreements with High Point, Jamestown, Kernersville, Summerfield, and Burlington. Planning also processes new annexation agreements and revisions to existing agreements as circumstances change. Questions? Contact Luke Carter, senior planner, at 336-373-4342. 

Electronic Plan Review – This is a Web-based document management system that allows plans that require reviewed by TRC to be submitted electronically. All site plans and subdivisions to be reviewed by TRC must now be submitted in an electronic format. The City’s Electronic Plan Review system allows you to download plans, retrieve comments (mark-ups) and submit revised plans. Questions? Contact  Jason Earliwine, senior planner, at 336-373-4576. 

Electronic Plan Tracking System – Using the Electronic Plan Tracking System, you may track the progress of a specific plan throughout the plan review process. To use the system, enter the plan tracking number or the address of the project to view its progress or related staff comments. As the plan moves through each review point, the review results will be posted immediately, providing real-time updates. If you choose, you may also be notified via fax or e-mail as each review point is completed. Questions? Contact Jason Earliwine, senior planner, at 336-373-4576. 

Final and Exempt Plats - The Final or Exempt Plat review process starts with the uploading of a single pdf that includes the plat, Plat Cover Sheet, and copy of the Technical Review Committee-approved Preliminary Plan, if appropriate, into the online Electronic Plan Review system. The review status can be checked using the Plan Review Tracking system. Payment of the review fee is required before the plat will be released for review. Use of the Final/Exempt Plat Checklist is encouraged. If a Home Owners Association (HOA) is also created, include the annotated HOA Documents Checklist when submitting the covenants for review.

Planning Board – The Greensboro Planning Board hears, discusses, and makes recommendations to City Council on requests for street closings, annexations, street name changes, and design manuals for overlay districts. The duties of the board also include final approval authority for unified development plans and easement releases. The board meets every third Wednesday of the month in the Council Chamber, located on the second floor of the Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St. Questions? Jason Earliwine, senior planner, at 336-373-4576.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) Development Services – Planning serves as the control point for the review of commercial and residential development plans. Its TRC group is made up of staff members from various departments within the City of Greensboro and is charged with reviewing and approving several different types of development plans and making recommendations on items heard by the Planning Board. TRC has the ability to meet and approve development plans that have completed the review process any weekday at 10 am in the Development Services' Conference Room at the Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St. Questions? Contact Jason Earliwine, senior planner, at 336-373-4576. 

Tree Preservation, Landscaping and Zoning Inspections – Development Review does not end with TRC’s approval of a subdivision or site plan. Planning inspects development sites during and after construction to ensure they are and remain in compliance with the Tree Preservation Ordinance, Landscape Regulations, and any related zoning regulation and/or zoning conditions. Questions? Contact Judson Clinton, City arborist, at 336-373-2144.