The City of Greensboro has created a document management system that allows anyone who needs to have a plan reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) to submit the plan electronically. The system is called Electronic Plan Review. (Since it is tied into the Plan Tracking System, you will still be able to visit our Plan Tracking website to check the status of your plans.)

Plan Submission
Site plans and subdivisions needing to be reviewed by TRC must now be submitted in an electronic format. The City’s Electronic Plan Review system allows the development community to download plans via a Web-based file management system. (Plans that are mid-way through the plan review process will continue using the paper-based system.)

All plans submitted for review must be combined into one Adobe (.pdf) file. The file should contain all required information as outlined on this design review checklist depicting the site layout, utilities, grading/erosion control, and landscaping, in addition to this Standard Cover Sheet. The file should also include any stormwater calculations for the project.

Note: After a plan is downloaded to the site, it will be checked to make sure all required information is included before forwarding to Plan Tracking. If more information is needed, you will be notified so you can resubmit the plan using the same process. You can also track your plan by visiting the Plan Tracking system

The system will not be able to accept the associated review fee for the plans being submitted. Deliver the review fee in person or by mail to:
Department of Planning
300 W. Washington St., Greensboro, NC 27402

Plan Retrieval
After the plan is reviewed by staff, their comments will be added to the plan and the Adobe format plan will be downloaded to Electronic Plan Review. You will be notified immediately that you can download the plan. You can use the Electronic Plan Review system to retrieve the plan with the staff comments.

Resubmitting Plans
The Electronic Plan Review system will also allow you to resubmit a revised plan after the City’s review is complete and after all revisions have been made in accordance with staff comments.