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Electronic Review FAQs

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What is a Plan Number? What about a Project Number?

A Plan Number is the number assigned to a particular plan. This may be a set of building plans, a set of site plans, or even one sheet for a fire alarm system reviewed by Fire Prevention. The plan number allows the tracking of one set of plans. The plan number for the site plans for a job will be different from the plan number for the building or the sprinkler drawings.

A Project Number is used for a collection of separate plans. This allows us to keep track of separate plans using one overall Project Number. One Project Number will link to a number of different Plan Numbers. One Plan Number will link to only one Project Number.

The Plan Number is frequently the same as the Project Number, but that is not always true.

Hint: The Plan or Project number must always be entered as the four digit year and the four digit serial number with a hyphen between them. The format looks like 2000-1234.

Which should I use, the Plan Number or the Project Number?

You can use either. The Plan Number will be more specific. The Project Number might find more plans, but you can then select the plan you are interested in.

What is the Plan Title or Project Title?

The Plan Title is the name assigned to the plan at the time of the application for review. It should be a name that is easy for everyone to use and specific to the plan or project. The Project Title is the name for an overall plan.

For houses, the Plan Title is usually the builder's name.

Why doesn't my address work?

The address must be formatted correctly. There are two things to check. First, the spelling of the street must be correct and complete with both the full name and the street type. The search process can not find partial names. Do not use any periods in the address: 1200 N. Elm St. will not work to find 1200 N Elm St

Second and most important, the abbreviations used for the street types must be correct. The only valid abbreviations are: DR, ST, BLVD, AVE, RD, CIR (circle), CT (court), PKWY, HWY, PL (place), and LN (lane). 1200 N Elm Str will not find 1200 N Elm St

If you know the number for the address, you can use it, but it must be the correct number, not just a close one. If you don't know the number, leave it off. You will then get a list of all the permits on the street, and you can pick the one you are interested in.

Hint: You can use the name of the street all by itself if you want a list of plans on that street. Greene will find all the plans on that street.

What do the Plan Status codes mean? What is the difference between Pending and Active?

Pending means the plans have not been looked at.

Active means the review has started, and at least one reviewer has started his or her review.

Pickup for Revision means the plans have been reviewed, and the designer needs to pick up the plans. This applies to site plans only.

Returned means the plans have been returned to the applicant. This applies to site plans only.

Pending Final Approval means the plans are approved but that there is an outstanding issue before the permit can be issued. An example of this is that a site plan is approved but a driveway or grading permit must be issued before the Final Approval. Another example would be that the building plans are approved but the site plans still need to be approved before the building permit can be issued.

Released for Permit means a permit can be issued.

What is the difference between Plan Status and Review Point Status?

The Plan Status is the status of the whole set of plans. The Review Point Status is the status assigned by each reviewer of the plans. The overall Plan Status cannot be Released for Permit until all the individual reviewers or "review points" have approved the plans.

The Plan Status is shown on the Plan Summary webpage. The Review Point Status is shown on the Plan Detail webpage.

What do the Review Point Status codes mean?

Not Approved means additional work needs to be done before plans are approved and permits issued. Approved means no additional work is required.

Approved as Noted means the design is approved with conditions shown on the plans by the reviewer. This may or may not delay permits.