Heritage Communities

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What is a Heritage Community?

Some places in Greensboro are historically significant, but do not meet the criteria for listing in the National Register of Historic Places or local Historic District designation. Neighborhoods like Warnersville have changed over time and their historical significance may not be readily apparent. Nonetheless their stories are important parts of the history of Greensboro.

The City Council can officially recognize a neighborhood or area that played an important role in Greensboro’s history as a Heritage Community. Heritage Community recognition is commemorative and educational and has no effect on property rights, zoning, or taxation. There are no regulations and the boundaries are general rather than precise. 

Criteria for Consideration

Documented evidence that demonstrates the following is required:

  • That the community contributed significantly to the social, cultural, industrial, political, or economic life of Greensboro over a sustained period
  • That the community was associated with events of regional or national significance (e.g. reconstruction, urban renewal, World War II)
  • That there is strong support on the part of the community for this recognition
  • That the neighborhood does not meet the criteria for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Application Process

  • Submit this application and include documentary evidence of the area’s historical significance. Documentation can be newspaper or magazine articles, books, photographs, maps, archaeological surveys, scholarly articles, reports, or oral histories. Resources include the Greensboro Public Library, Greensboro History Museum, local colleges and universities, and churches.
  • Any recognized neighborhood association or group of at least five property owners, community organizations, academic institutions or City staff may submit an application.
  • All required documentation must be provided in order to be considered. Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet minimum criteria may be rejected.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Heritage Community Committee and the Historic Preservation Commission. The final decision is made by the City Council.

For more information or to receive an application call 336-373-2144.

Heritage Communities are honored by resolution of the City Council and historical information is maintained on the City's website.