Municipal Service District Program

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The College Hill and Dunleath (formerly Aycock) Historic Districts are special tax districts called Municipal Service Districts (MSDs). MSDs are allowed under special state legislation passed in 1987. The additional tax revenue is used to fund improvements to public right-of-way areas and other projects determined by neighborhood property owners. Projects have included period lighting, gateway signs, landscaping, planning and design -- things that generally enhance the historic character of the districts that the City does not normally provide. 

In College Hill, Street Improvement PlansMSD funds have been used for maintenance of corner planting beds, sidewalk trash receptacles, period appropriate streetlights, a granite gateway sign and to save an important historic structure from demolition. In the Dunleath district, MSD funds have been used to landscape the approaches to the Max Thompson Pedestrian Bridge, gateway signs, period street lights and the mural at the Murrow Boulevard pedestrian tunnel.

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College Hill
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