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The Lawndale/Lake Jeanette NCO public hearing process has been delayed while the City takes a broader look at two issues of concern to the neighborhood. This includes a study of growth and development along the Lawndale Drive corridor and how that benefits adjacent neighborhoods and a City-wide study of two of the standards proposed in this NCO. The public will be invited to participate in both of these processes.

The Lawndale Drive corridor study is being conducted in phases from Cornwallis Drive to Regents Park Lane. The main objectives are development of a shared vision for the future character of the corridor and creation of tools and strategies that support stability in adjacent neighborhoods while accommodating quality growth along the corridor. 

The second study is a review of development standards found in the Land Development Ordinance for front yard setbacks and lot widths compared to development patterns already existing in older neighborhoods. The Lawndale/Lake Jeanette NCO included adjustments to these standards to better match the neighborhood, but since this has been an issue for other Greensboro NCO processes, the standards will be looked at City-wide. 

The Lawndale/Lake Jeanette Neighborhood Association began the preliminary steps in its NCO planning process in 2008. The petition and application were received and reviewed by staff in 2010, part of the neighborhood was found to be eligible.

The neighborhood decided to spend 2011 working on the NCO, dedicating their already-scheduled quarterly meetings to the task. Over those four meetings, residents worked with City staff to create the draft NCO that is below.

Draft NCO Standards (updated)

Map of Proposed NCO Boundary

Letter sent updating neighborhood in June 2012

Lawndale Lake Jeanette NCO Photo 1Lawndale Lake Jeanette NCO Photo 2

Call Russ Clegg at 336-373-2211 in the Planning Department.