Lawndale Drive Corridor Plan

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Latest News: At its April 7 meeting, City Council unanimously approved the plan for Phase 1 of the corridor.  

Change is coming to Lawndale Drive. Over the next decade, planned investments in the transportation network and public facilities located along the corridor will result in additional growth pressures in the corridor.

That's why the City is undertaking a study to develop a shared vision for the future character of Lawndale Drive and guide future growth decisions. The desired outcome is a set of tools and strategies that the City can use to support stability in the neighborhoods adjacent to Lawndale Drive while accommodating anticipated growth. collage

Documents & Resources 

Adopted Plan, Phase 1 - April 2015. E-mail us your questions.

Phase 1 Design Workshop Report - Presented to Planning Board May 20

~ Existing Conditions Report -
June 2013

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Recent Events
March 19-22 Phase I Design Workshops

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