When looking for opportunities to develop or build using publicly owned property, you have a lot of opportunities to work with the City of Greensboro. We offer a variety of properties for sale and the inventory changes frequently.

Learn more about current opportunities and the different acquisition processes that vary depending on which of  the following City departments manages a property:

For development proposals for reinvestment and redevelopment activities, you may visit our Request for Development Proposals page.

Engineering and Inspections' Properties

The Property Management Section of this department acquires properties after county foreclosure for non-payment of taxes or assessments. These properties may include vacant lots, lots with condemned houses, commercial lots with or without buildings, remnants that are not buildable but can be sold to an adjoining neighbor, and on the rare occasions light industrial property. 

Properties are sold through an upset bid process based on a third-party appraised value. Bids are advertised for 10 business days prior to City Council consideration of the sale.

Neighborhood Development Properties 
These properties include those acquired through foreclosure and federal programs. Sale of City-owned properties acquired through Neighborhood Development works differently than a traditional real estate transaction and may be subject to state or federal regulations, as well as final approval by City Council.

Prospective buyers and developers should work closely with City staff to learn about and complete the acquisition process.

Planning Properties - You may also find these available properties via this interactive map.
This department administers properties on behalf of the Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro and Greensboro Housing Development Partnership. Purchasing properties from either of these entities also works differently than a traditional real estate transaction.

Prospective buyers and developers should expect to work closely with redevelopment staff to identify suitable sites, determine if the proposed use aligns with adopted Redevelopment Plans, and engage stakeholders through appropriate activities.

  • The Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro oversees activities in eight active redevelopment areas. The commission acquires and sells properties in order to implement the adopted Redevelopment Plans for these areas. Sale of commission-owned property is subject to final approval by City Council.
    • Review these steps involved in the sale process.
    • Note: The redevelopment plan for the Willow Oaks/Morningside Redevelopment Area is being updated. Property within this redevelopment area will continue to be held by the City until revised plans are adopted.
  • The Greensboro Housing Development Partnership, which meets every other fourth Monday, was formed in 1991 as a nonprofit joint endeavor of the City and Greensboro Housing Authority (GHA). The partnership undertakes development activities related to enhancing the quantity and quality of low and moderate income housing in redevelopment areas through agreements with the redevelopment commission and GHA.