College Hill

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In 1989, College Hill was designated as a Municipal Service District in order to continue streetscape projects in the neighborhood. In September 2013 the Municipal Service District Plan was updated to include redevelopment as an eligible use. At-risk historic properties will be targeted for acquisition and restoration for home ownership under this program.

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Municipal Service District Program
Historic District Program


Troy Bumpass HouseLocated between downtown Greensboro and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, College Hill is one of Greensboro’s earliest neighborhoods. Some of the best examples of late Victorian architecture in Greensboro can be found here. Although its history can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, College Hill reflects life in Greensboro during the early twentieth century. There are examples of early homes and apartment buildings, churches, grocery stores, a drugstore, a mill, and two firehouses, one that dates back to 1890. Historic Greensboro College is situated within the neighborhood's boundaries.

The people who live in College Hill are college students and faculty members, families and singles, professionals and hourly wage earners, artists and writers, children and retirees. It is a decidedly pedestrian neighborhood in an otherwise automobile-oriented city. Residents can walk to work, school, downtown, and shops and restaurants on Tate Street. Sidewalks and giant shade trees add to the ambience.

Wafco MillsToday College Hill is a thriving neighborhood with a strong real estate market. That was not always the case. In the 1970s, after years of decline, College Hill was a neighborhood on the brink. Years of neglect had resulted in blighted structures and depressed real estate values. Architecturally significant buildings were being bulldozed or altered out of recognition by shoddy repairs and inappropriate alterations. Problems such as crime and lack of parking were not being addressed.

Fortunately the City and concerned residents and property owners decided to do something about it. After 25 years of revitalization efforts, College Hill is once again a jewel in the city’s crown.


Mike Cowhig