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Rosewood ParkStreet names such as Textile and Denim reflect the pervasive influence of the textile industry in this modest neighborhood of single-family homes. Rosewood was developed in 1928 as a small addition to the Proximity Mill Village. Today it is weaving a vital new neighborhood. Revitalization efforts have concentrated on helping homeowners rehabilitate their homes through loans or grants, eliminating dilapidated duplexes dotting the area, building new homes, installing street lighting, and constructing a neighborhood park.

Rosewood Quadlingual ParkMajor Accomplishments:

  • Removed 22 buildings (comprising 41 units)
  • 14 houses rehabilitated
  • Made 15 lots available for new single family construction
  • As of September 2008, 15 new single-family homes have been constructed and three lots have been purchased; construction is pending
  • Three second-mortgage loans and four affordable home loans were made
  • 20 street lights have been installed
  • 430 linear feet of curb and gutter have been added
  • Realigned stormwater pipes and piped problematic ditch in neighborhood
  • A new 1.25-acre neighborhood park was constructed in the heart of the neighborhood with signage in four languages
  • No new rezoning requests were approved
  • No new residential land uses were created

1319 Meadow Ave. During and After Construction

1319 Meadow During Construction 1319 Meadow After Construction