Willow Oaks Single Family Property Offering

Greensboro Housing Development Partnership (GHDP) is looking for home builders to develop several vacant residential lots in the Willow Oaks neighborhood. Please see Willow Oaks Single Family Property Offering to learn more about this opportunity.

Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites

Willow Oaks is built on a traditional neighborhood development model. To date, the City has invested $15 million in the community in land assembly and infrastructure improvements such as streets, alleys, water/sewer/stormwater, and electricity.

The City will provide technical assistance to a developer to the extent possible in securing other public financial assistance such as tax credits, grants, loans, and certificates of participation.

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Development Sites 

There are opportunities for a variety of development types. The largest are in Zone C as identified in the updated plan. This zone has four specific opportunity sites with different styles of development including the “missing middle” range of lower-density, multi-family housing.

Proposals can be submitted for individual sites, or for any combination of sites. Scattered lots for detached single family housing are also available in the existing neighborhood. 
Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites

Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites

C1 is proposed for a two- to three-story senior building with a total of 16-24 units. This site is adjacent to the Villas, a development for seniors, a community center, and transit along McConnell Road.

Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites

C2 is proposed to be a either a 15,000-square-foot open-air, paved and roofed structure or a market building available for pop-up markets. Along with the existing community center, this flexible space will provide the neighborhood with a signature space and can be adapted over time if a market for commercial development occurs.

Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites

C3 is proposed for 26 attached single-family homes at 1,200-square-feet each, either for sale or as rentals. 

Willow Oaks Opportunity SitesC4 is proposed to be 23 detached single-family homes at 1,200-square-feet (for one-story homes) to 2,400-square-feet (for two-story homes) on 4,000- to 4,200-square-foot lots. Based on public input from the planning process, these homes are designed to have wider lots with larger private, rear yards than existing homes in Willow Oaks have.

Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites Willow Oaks Opportunity Sites