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Home pageThe Greensboro Planning Department provides services related to the City's zoning regulations. This includes investigating possible zoning violations, interpreting the Land Development Ordinance, and processing zoning related requests or applications.

Zoning is an official designation that specifies how a piece of property can be used within the City. Typically, zoning districts are created to attract and regulate certain types of development, such as single family homes, offices, neighborhood businesses, general industry, or a mix of related uses. The Zoning Administrator administers and enforces all City zoning regulations.

Want to learn more about the City's zoning/rezoning process?
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watch our "Zoning Man" videos below

Zoning Man Episode 1
The adventures of Zoning Man, an education superhero, explains what zoning and rezoning are and the reasons not to be afraid after receiving a zoning or rezoning notice from the City.

Zoning Man Episode 2
The adventures of Zoning Man continue as he explains to Jane Q., a resident interested in participating in the zoning and rezoning process, how to prepare for a Zoning Commission meeting while settling Jane's fear that she and the public may have no input about zoning and rezoning property near them.

 Zoning Man Episode 3
The adventures of Zoning Man pick up after the conclusion of Episode 2. In this episode, Zoning Man guides Jane Q. through the rezoning hearing, including speaking to the Zoning Commission as it considers whether or not to approve the request for the rezoning on her street. It's great news as the rezoning request is approved, thanks to the information provided by Jane Q. and the heroic educational efforts of Zoning Man.

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. And, check out these services commonly associated with City zoning ordinances: 

Board of Adjustment - The Greensboro Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body responsible for hearing and deciding appeals, variance requests, special exceptions, and interpretations of the zoning regulations. 

Comprehensive Planning - Connections 2025 was adopted by the City Council in May 2003 and represents Greensboro's first comprehensive plan. The Plan articulates an overall vision for the future of Greensboro and establishes goals and policies in support of the vision. At the core of the Plan is the idea of building social, physical, business, and economic connections: among people, organizations, and government. 
Code Violations & Compliance - Code compliance officers investigate zoning violations, enforce provisions of the Development Ordinance, and process Board of Adjustment cases. 

Land Development Ordinance - Adopted in 2010, these zoning rules and regulations are part of the City Code and include provisions related to subdivisions, building setbacks, permitted uses, parking, signage, landscaping, and environmental regulations.  

Zoning Commission
- The Greensboro Zoning Commission hears and decides requests for amendments to the City's official Zoning Map. The duties of the Commission include rezoning properties, approving Conditional Zoning Districts, issuing Special Use Permits, and recommending overlay districts. 

Zoning Staff Reports - Zoning Staff Reports are prepared by City staff in conjunction with amendments to the official Zoning Map (rezonings). For each rezoning proposal, a Staff Report is prepared that includes an analysis of the case and a staff recommendation. These reports are made available the Thursday prior to the Zoning Commission public hearing.