Land Development Ordinance

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Access our interactive Land Development Ordinance.

The interactive version of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) -- the City's development rules and regulations -- allows you to search for specific topics and print out that information. 

The interactive LDO also includes:
    ~ calculators for determining parking, landscaping and sign requirements
    ~ quick links to tables for permitted uses
    ~ Zoning District Dimensional Requirements
    ~ parking ratios
    ~ planting yard requirements
    ~ Overlay District Manuals.

This version of the LDO is kept updated as text amendments are adopted by City Council.

On June 15, 2010, the Greensboro City Council adopted the current Land Development Ordinance (LDO) to govern development in Greensboro. The previous Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) remains available online for historical reference only.

The version of the Land Development Ordinance, with updates and amendments through August 18, 2017 is provided below by Article:

Table of Contents
Article 1 - Introductory Provisions
Article 2 - Nonconformities
Article 3 - Administration 
Article 4 - Review & Approval Procedures
Article 5 - Enforcement
Article 6 - Zoning Districts
Article 7 - District Standards (Densities, Setbacks, Heights, Overlays)
Article 8 - District Use Requirements (Uses and Use Standards)
Article 9 - General Development Standards (Fences, Storage, Lighting, Sidewalks)
Article 10 - Landscaping
Article 11 - Off-Street Parking and Loading
Article 12 - Natural Resources (Tree Conservation, Watershed, Open Space)
Article 13 - Subdivision Standards
Article 14 - Sign Regulations
Article 15 - Definitions

Related LDO Information
Permitted Use Table
UDO-LDO District Conversion Chart  
Multifamily Density Table

Amendments to LDO Since Adoption July 1, 2010
Indoor Recreation uses in the NS Zoning District (1/21/20)
Sign Ordinance Changes (2/19/19)
Historic Preservation District Timing Change (2/19/19)
Swimming Pools / Interactive Water Features (4/26/18)
New Light Industrial Mixed Zoning District / Artisan Manufacturing (3/20/18)
Terrace Encroachment into Front Setback for Single Family Dwellings (1/16/18)
Porch Encroachment into Front Setback for Single Family Dwellings (12/19/17)
Dunleath Historic District Name Change (8/15/17)
Assisted Living Facilities in C-M and C-H Zoning Districts (4/18/17)
Parking for Small Townhomes (3/21/17)
Sidewalks in Industrial Parks (1/17/17)
Multifamily in Commercial Districts (2/16/16)
Front Yard Parking Changes (1/19/16)
Pole Mounted Banner Changes (1/19/16)
Craft Distillery (12/15/15)
Convenience Store (with Fuel Pumps) (10/20/15)
Class B Outdoor Display (10/20/15)
Handicap Ramp Encroachments into Setbacks (9/15/15)
Removal of Protest Petitions (9/15/15)
Zoning Commission Filing Deadline Change (8/3/15)
2015 Technical Amendments (7/21/15)
Entertainment Facilities Changes - Dance Halls and Nightclubs (12/2/14)
Stream Buffers - Reflect Jordan Rule Changes (12/2/14)
Window / Door Openings and Pawnshops in AO, UMU and NS Districts - (9/16/14)
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Changes (5/20/14)
Community Gardens & Urban Farms (Landscaping and Parking) (4/15/14)
Interior Setbacks in Multifamily Projects (3/18/14)
TRC Membership (3/18/14)
Minimum Lot Width and Setbacks (3/4/14)
Definitions of Brewpubs and Microbreweries (2/18/14)
Allow Multiple SF on Single Lot in PUD District (1/21/14)
New Zoning Districts for Reinvestment Corridors (1/21/14)
Sexually Oriented Businesses (1/7/14)
Board of Adjustment Filing Changes (12/17/13)
Community Gardens & Urban Farms as Principal Uses of Property (12/17/13)
Parking and Paving Exemptions (11/19/13)
Residential Spacing for Nonconforming Billboards (11/12/13)
Oversized Vehicles in Front Yards (9/17/13) 
Quasijudicial Procedures and Zoning Administration (9/17/13)
Watershed Density Averaging (8/5/13)
Cluster Subdivisions (7/16/13)
Traditional Neighborhood Districts (7/16/13)
Utility Vegetation Line Clearing (6/18/13)
Properties Adjacent to Greenways (5/7/13) 
Downtown Good Repair (4/16/13)
Entertainment Facility Uses (4/2/13)
Reduction in Stacking Spaces (3/5/13)
Allow Multi-Story Self-Storage in C-M District (3/5/13)
Allow New Wall Signage with Nonconforming Billboard (3/5/13)
Revision to Mobile Food Vendors (11/7/12)
Advisory Commission on Trees to Planning Board and Board of Adjustment (10/2/12)
Watershed Changes Related to Stream Buffers and Modifications (8/21/12)
Community Resource Board to Planning Board (7/1/12)
Notification Requirements for Overlay Districts (4/3/12)  
Auto Repair Service Uses (4/3/12)
Chartered Home (Special Exception for Number of Residents)  (3/6/12)
Greenway Overlay District  (7/19/11)
Chartered Home  (7/19/11)
Street Naming and Addressing  (6/21/11)
LDO Technical Amendments  (6/7/11)
Minimum Parking Ratios  (5/17/11)
Cluster Development  (5/17/11)
Mobile Food Vendors, Motorized and Pushcart  (5/3/11)
Second Commercial Vehicle for Home Occupations  (4/5/11)
Weekend Real Estate Signs  (3/1/11)
Front Yard Parking  (3/1/11)
Assisted Living Facilities  (2/15/11)
Residential in C-M District  (1/18/11)
Sidewalks in Industrial Parks  (12/7/10)
Jordan and Randleman Rule Changes  (12/1/10)
Technical Changes  (10/19/10)
Downtown Design Overlay District  (9/7/10)