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Your City. Your Future. Plan it!

We are now editing a draft of the updated Comprehensive Plan -- titled "GSO 2040," -- and will post it here soon.

GSO 2040 expresses the community’s vision for what it wants to be in 20 years and creates a broad framework of policies for achieving that vision. These policies are based on extensive public input and conversations, a review of data about the current state of Greensboro, alignment of existing plans from City departments, collaboration with community partners, and a review of current trends affecting cities across the country.

GSO 2040 uses several key pieces to describe our current values, the vision of what we want to achieve, and the goals and strategies we will use to get there.

Our Values are the aspirations that are most important to the community today and were produced by thoroughly analyzing public input and priorities.

Our Vision creates a picture of what we want to be true for our community in 20 years based on input from the public and from Greensboro leadership.

Six Big Ideas. Our Six Big Ideas are the heart of the GSO 2040. Extracted from our Vision, the Six Big Ideas incorporate shared values and define the goals and strategies that make up policies that will move us toward the future.

Future Land-Use Maps. Our Future Land-Use Maps, based on the policies of GSO 2040, are used to guide future land-use decisions for rezoning, annexation, and capital investment.

Click on a "Big Idea" button below to read each section:

   Filling in our framework   creating great places

Becoming car optionalprioritizing sustainability

building community connections      growing economic competitiveness


What is a Comprehensive Plan and why is it a big deal? Learn all of that (and more) in this conversation with Greensboro City planners.


Your City. Your Future. PLAN IT!