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Your City. Your Future. Plan it!

PLANIT GSO is a City initiative designed to spark community conversations about how Greensboro should grow and develop in the future.

Your input will help the City update its Comprehensive Plan
(Comp Plan).

Goals for the Comp Plan are expected to be adopted this winter and a final Comp Plan is expected to be presented to City Council for adoption during summer 2019.

Interested in having a City planner come to your neighborhood, community, church or social group meeting to talk about PLANIT GSO and the many ways you can participate? E-mail us your request, with suggested dates and times, as well as your contact information.

Proposed Comp Plan Goals

The proposed goal topics linked below include vision statements for each topic that describe what residents want to see happen in the future. These proposed goal topics and statements will be updated after this fall's public engagement events are complete.

The final Comp Plan will contain strategies and policies for each finalized goal topic and statements, and specific steps for how to achieve each of those goals.

  • Click on a proposed goal topic to read more

    • * Community - In 20 years, this is how we will describe our quality of life and our connections to each other...

    • * Neighborhoods - In 20 years, this is how we will describe where we call home...

    • * Identity and Experience - In 20 years, this is how we will describe the culture, arts and places that make Greensboro a unique and memorable place...

    • * Economic Prosperity - In 20 years, this is how we will describe our equal opportunity to succeed...

    • * Connections - In 20 years, this is how we will describe the roads and green spaces that connect people and places...

    • * Built Environment - In 20 years, this is how we will describe Greensboro's land use and development patterns...



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  • What is the National Association of Realtors Report and how is Greensboro represented?
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