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Your City. Your Future. Plan it!

PLANIT GSO is a City initiative designed to spark community conversations about how Greensboro should grow and develop in the future. Your input will help the City create a new Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan).

A comprehensive plan establishes a vision for the future of a city and then is used as a road map to guide a municipality's investments, development, and growth. Greensboro’s current Comprehensive Plan is now 15-years-old. 


PLANIT GSO is currently in the Mapping section of the comp plan process.

Comprehensive Plan - Vision and Structure

The Comprehensive Plan's goal elements center around the ideals outlined in the vision statement. Those elements are: Built Environment, Community and Identity, Connections, Economic Prosperity, Neighborhoods and Housing, and Sustainability. These elements will be the vehicles to achieve Greensboro's vision.


To learn more about the vision, goal areas, or strategies,
check out this Vision and Structure Document.

What is a Comprehensive Plan and why is it a big deal? Learn all of that (and more) in this conversation with Greensboro City planners.


Your City. Your Future. PLAN IT!