The Zoning Enforcement Office of the Planning Department enforces the zoning provisions of the Land Development Ordinance. The office is generally complaint-driven, and upon request, a Code Enforcement Officer will investigate an alleged zoning or land use violation.

To review processes and procedures associated with zoning and land use complaints, please visit the Procedures Manual page. Also, to check on zoning of a particular property, go to the City's interactive zoning map. Typical zoning and land use-related issues:  

Complaints - To submit a complaint about a possible zoning violation you may:

  • Call us
  • Email us
  • US mail us

See the information provided in our "Contact" box to the right on this page.

A Zoning Code Enforcement Officer will then be assigned to investigate your complaint. You may also review the status a complaint using the online Code Compliance tracking system.

The City has transitioned to a new code compliance management system (linked to above). The new software, which works best when accessed by Chrome and Safari browsers, allows you to view the status of code and zoning violations by address. The previous code compliance system is no longer accessible.