Rules for Campaign Signs

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With numerous local, state and federal elections taking place in 2020, the information below reminds everyone about the rules involving placement of temporary campaign signs in Greensboro.

Review our "Temporary Campaign Signs" brochure by clicking on the 'your campaign' image on this page.

What's Not Allowed

Like other types of signs, temporary campaign signs are not allowed in any public rights-of-way. These signs should also not be attached to:

  • Utility poles
  • Bus shelters
  • Trees
  • Other permanent structures.

Also, never attach wind-blown items like balloons or streamers to any temporary campaign sign.

What is Allowed?

  • In residential zoned areas - Temporary campaign signs cannot be larger than six-square-feet in size and not more than six feet in height.
  • In nonresidential zoned areas - Temporary campaign signs cannot be larger than 36-square-feet in size and not more than eight feet in height.
  • For zoning information on a particularly piece of property, use the City's GIS "Zoning Districts" app.
  • No temporary campaign sign should lit.
  • Owners of private property must give permission to have any temporary campaign sign placed their property.
  • All temporary campaign signs must be removed within seven days after the election associated with the sign.

Why the Rules?

The City's rules about temporary sign placement is to prevent safety hazards. Anything that could obstruct a pedestrian's or motorist's view of a road or intersection is dangerous to everyone's safety.