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 group home

Family Care Home or Group Care Facility Reservation Letter

to reserve a location for a family care home or group care facility, submit an application and application fee to have a letter prepared to reserve the location for six months. 
Mapping, Census Information, Data Analysis
The Planning Department reviews and prepares analyzes of population, housing, employment, and land use based on data collected internally as well as data from federal and state resources. Learn more about GIS data and mapping and City population statistics.  

 computer mouse

Privilege License and Business Permit 
Taxicab business owners and businesses that sell beer and/or wine are required to obtain a business privilege license to do business in the corporate limits of Greensboro. Panhandlers, peddlers, itinerant merchants, mobile food vendors, solicitors, street performers, and massage businesses are required to obtain a business permit.  

Public Documents
You can place a request for a public record or document, view the status of an open request, and review the information provided for any request placed since July 1, 2014 when the City's PIRT system went online. 
 building plans
Sketch Plan Meeting for a Prospective Development
/ Development Services
Submit sketch plans to the City through the Electronic Plan Review system. The system's coordinator will then be in touch with you to set up a meeting with the Technical Review Committee, typically about one week after the sketch plan is uploaded. Also check out these Electronic Plan Review system FAQs on how to upload plans and revisions, what the review process is and how plans are approved. 

 tent permit
Tent, Canopy, Booth Permit 
Permits to erect and operate temporary booths, tents, and canopies are regulated by NC Fire Code.  
 zoning verification
Zoning Verification Letter / Zoning Compliance Letter (including those for DMV and NCDER review)

The Planning Department can prepare for you a Zoning Verification Letter to document the current zoning classification of your property. You may also request a Zoning Compliance letter, which verifies that the development on a particular site complies with the current Land Development Ordinance. In order for City staff to prepare either letter, you must submission of an application and application fee before the request can be processed.