GIS Data & Mapping

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The Planning Department is able to provide various GIS data and maps for use by the public. There are Custom Interactive Maps the public can access that also provide useful information. Those links can be found on the left and throughout this website. Other data and maps are available by request. Pricing schedule is below. 

Pricing for Maps and Services                             


 24 lb Coated Paper

 High Gloss/Photo Paper

 8½" x 11” $10 $15
 11” x 17” $10  $15  
 18” x 24” $10  $15  
 24” x 36”  $20    $25
36” x 48”  $20    $25

Special Projects and Custom Maps:
Limited special services to the public include special tabular reports (hardcopy and digital), and customized maps and analysis (limited to staff availability and workload).

Labor Rate: minimum of $22.50 for 30 minutes; $45.00 per hour; plus the size of the map based on chart above.

Plotted Stock Color Maps:                                                                                                                           
Cities and Towns
, GFLUM, Growth Strategy, Zoning, City Council map
Price based on size of map created. No labor is charged.

Development  Plans:                 
 Photocopied Black and White (up to 11” x 17”)                                                 $1       
 Photocopied Black and White (larger than 11” x 17”)                                        $5                  

Digital Data Libraries Available on CD-ROM:

>Complete aerial orthophoto coverage of the City
        1:2400 scale                                                                                        $250 
        1:1200 scale                                                                                        $500
>Complete planimetric coverage of the City                                                $250
>Complete Citywide topographic DTM                                                        $175
>Custom datasets on CD-ROM (includes labor)
        (maximum of 9 State Plane tiles per CD)                                             $50
>Attributed datasets (center line, etc.) 
    -Fully Attributed Street Centerline distributed for commercial use                  $2,500 
    -Fully Attributed Street Centerline distributed for non-commercial use           $400 
    -Partially attributed Street Centerline (street name only)regardless of use     $200 
    -Other datasets negotiated at time of sale.

Please contact the Planning Department at 336-373-2144 for more information.