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The GreensbOrometer is the City's community indicator project. A community indicator is a type of data that provides insight into the overall social, economic, or environmental conditions and trends present in a community. The GreensbOrometer is a collection of community indicators chosen for its effectiveness in presenting a clear, concise view of the quality of life in Greensboro, as defined by the Connections 2025 Comprehensive Plan.

The GreensbOrometer can help residents, City Council, and staff by:

  • Assessing the magnitude or pace of community features or processes
  • Comparing Greensboro to other communities or other regions
  • Identifying problems or issues facing Greensboro or its neighborhoods
  • Developing policies that address known problems or issues
  • Setting goals and tracking performance in implementing adopted plans.
Because the GreensbOrometer is still in a draft stage, staff continue to make refinements and enhancements to the system. We invite you to review the draft materials that have been prepared and contact Jeff Sovich at 336-373-7264 or e-mail with your questions, comments, or other feedback.

Draft GreensbOrometer Documentation
Draft GreensbOrometer Neighborhoods Map 
Draft GreensbOrometer Maps